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My Chiropractic Experience By: Rachel Mans

My Chiropractic Experience By: Rachel Mans

I am a grade 12 student from St. John’s College and I came to Family Care Chiropractic for my co-op placement. I have been here for the past 5 months and I have learned a lot from my time here. It has been a great experience and I appreciate the opportunity Dr. Sandy has given me here. I have been able to experience firsthand the positive impact of Chiropractic care as I have been a patient here long before I started my co-op. When I initially came in for a scan of my spine I did not have any problems with my spinal alignment, or so I thought. I had chronic headaches and migraines which I never associated with my spine alignment. It turns out that my spine had a misalignment which caused certain nerves and blood vessels to be pinched off causing my headaches and migraines. After a few adjustments my symptoms started to go away. And after a few months of Chiropractic care my headaches were pretty much gone. As a co-op student I got to watch and track the progress of many patients and I got to see them get better every time they came in. One patient walked in with a cane and was struggling to keep his balance and after a few weeks of adjustments he walked in without using his cane. It is really amazing to see the benefits and improvement in patients who come in regularly. I highly recommend Chiropractic care for everyone. Even if you do not have any neck or back problems, because almost all health issues are linked to your spine. Your nervous system is your central system which controls every cell and every organ in your body. When those nerves are pinched off due to a spinal misalignment it affects your health and your body does not function and flow the way it is suppose to.  

Snow Shovelling Safety

Snow Shovelling Safety

Canadian winter is once again upon us and with that comes the reality of heavy snow. Keeping sidewalks clear and driveways shovelled is necessary for safety but can become hard on the back after a large snowfall. Shovelling frequently during the winter allows you to move smaller amounts of snow over a longer period of time, putting less strain on your body. A short warm up can also help prevent injury. A walk around the block or jogging in place for a few minutes will prepare your muscles for activity and keep you from getting hurt.

Be sure to use a lightweight push shovel and push the snow instead of lifting it. Lifting heavy shovelfuls of snow puts strain on your back and abrupt twists and turns can result in injury. If you are using a metal shovel, coating it with Teflon will keep the snow from sticking, making your job easier and safer. If at any time you need to lift shovelfuls of snow, always remember to bend your knees and let your leg muscles do the work, while keeping your back straight.

It’s a good idea to take short breaks if you start to feel tired or short of breath. Following your body’s cues is one of the best ways to avoid getting hurt. Stop shovelling immediately if you experience sudden or prolonged joint or muscle pain. Make sure to dress warm and in layers so that your muscles stay warm while you work. Removing a layer or two of clothing can help you stay comfortable if you are overheating while you are exerting extra energy.

Even though it’s cold outside your body still needs plenty of fluids. Drink lots of water before, during and after shovelling to avoid dehydration. It’s important to remember, if you feel thirsty your body is already dehydrated.

Cooling down after any active work is always a good idea. When you finish shovelling taking a short walk will give your tense muscles a chance to stretch out and will allow your body to transition out of the strenuous activity.

Also don’t forget to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate!

My Journey into Chiropractic -Alex Lynch North Park Collegiate Co-op Student

My Journey into Chiropractic -Alex Lynch North Park Collegiate Co-op Student

An appreciation for chiropractic care is something we are passionate about sharing with the next generation. At Family Care Chiropractic we believe that offering students an opportunity to work alongside our staff, through their high school co-op program, provides them valuable experience in a professional setting. As we say good bye to Alex Lynch, our co-op student from North Park Collegiate, we wish her well in her future education and career and are touched by the words she has left us with:

At 17, I now have professional experience. The hardest part about leaving grade twelve is the unknown going forward into the future. There are so many different paths to take. I could go straight to the workplace or continue my education but either way there are different paths that lead to many different careers. The great thing about co-op is that it gives me the opportunity to try out a few of the jobs I think look interesting before trying to enter a field I don’t really understand. Working with Dr.Kunej and his staff at Family Care Chiropractic has given me the opportunity to understand the ins and outs of what it is like working in a professional setting; building customer relation skills, and getting advice from successful individuals who serve in different roles in the workplace on how to manage decisions I will need to make in the future.

Shadowing Dr.Kunej has given me a genuine appreciation for the practice of chiropractic, and an understanding that to work in this field means more than just the typical approach of several years of university then hoping to land a job. There are different options, like becoming a chiropractic tech assistant, an important support role to the doctor. With good organizational skills and business sense the administration team play a very important role keeping the patients and doctor well managed and satisfied. 

Being a chiropractor is a rewarding career that requires a thorough understanding of the body, and helps alleviate and prevent deficiencies in the nervous system by correcting problems in the spine. Through the maintenance of these spinal problems, it promotes optimal healing and general well-being in anybody at any age. This practical understanding of the chiropractic work environment has shown me the value of the field and inspires me to work hard towards a future in a positive and meaningful environment like the one at Family Care Chiropractic.

Text Neck

Text Neck

As technology and social media becomes more widespread, people are spending more time on handheld devices. “Text neck” refers to an overuse syndrome where you have your head hung forward and down, looking at your electronic device for extended periods of time. This is a growing concern for children and teenagers today as much of their time is spent looking down at a smartphone or tablet.

Text neck can become quite painful, resulting in symptoms such as neck pain and soreness, upper back pain, and even causing a cervical nerve to become pinched and cause numbness and tingling down the arms.

Here are some tips that will help you prevent text neck and alleviate any muscular pain and discomfort.

  1. Take frequent breaks from your handheld devices throughout the day. Set yourself a timer for every 15 minutes where you look up and bring your neck back into a neutral position, and also get up and walk around.
  2. You can also hold your mobile device higher while keeping your elbows resting against your body, so that its aligned with your eyes and your neck isn’t hung forward and down.
  3. You should try engaging in posture focused exercises such as yoga and pilates. These types of exercises will help you become more aware of maintaining the right posture while you’re using your mobile device.

If you have any questions or would like to have your children checked by a chiropractor, please call Family Care Chiropractic at 519-752-8100 or by email at familycarechiropractic@rogers.com.

Pack it Light, Wear it Right!

Pack it Light, Wear it Right!

Back to school is always an exciting time for students (and many parents too!) and purchasing a new backpack is often part of the ritual.  Although colour and style may play key roles in kids’ decision, there are other more important factors to consider.

Who would think that your backpack could be a health and safety hazard?  According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (sorry, no Canadian stats were found), more than 28, 000 people were treated for backpack related injuries in the US last year.  That figure includes 3,203 children between the ages of 5 and 18 ending up in the emergency room!

When I was in high school, backpacks were uncommon; instead the vintage ‘80s Adidas gym bags were in! Once I got to university, backpacks became more popular, but they were only worn on one shoulder for that was the “cool” way.

A large European study concluded that students that carry backpacks on one shoulder are 4 times more likely to experience pain than those using both shoulder straps.  This backpack “one shoulder sling” style can cause the spine to lean and curve sideways referred to as scoliosis.

Help your kids get an A+ in Backpack Safety by following these Honour Roll Tips:

  1. Choose Carefully:  select a backpack that is the right size for your child.  Go for light weight material such as vinyl or canvas (leather is heavy!).  Look for two wide adjustable straps, along with a hip or waist straps, a padded back and lots of pockets.  Don’t buy online without first trying on the backpack in person.
  2. Pack it Light: Total weight of the filled backpack should not exceed 10-15% of your child’s body weight.  Keep heavier items closer to your back.  Only carry those things needed for the day or activity and encourage kids to clean out their backpacks weekly (you’ll be surprise by how much junk accumulates and at what you’ll find!)
  3. Wear it Right: wear both shoulder straps (now it’s the “cool” way!), secure waist belt if present, and keep all straps snugly fastened to the body.  Remember, the lower the backpack hangs, the heavier it feels, so keep it high and tight to your back.

 Until next time, when out topic will be “Text Neck”.

 In Health,

 Dr. Sandy

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Many parents ask is chiropractic care right for my child? Not all children have back pain but children are at a stage in life where their nervous system is not fully developed, which is located inside their growing spines. Subluxation can irritate their nerves and cause any number of health problems. Chiropractic care has been linked to helping ear infections, asthma, allergies, Attention Deficit Disorder, erratic sleeping behaviours, bedwetting and growing pains.

Subluxation in children can occur from a number of causes including traumatic births, like forceps or suction delivery, breech delivery or in-utreo-constraints. Many children come in who do not have any health issues, but receive care to prevent problems from occurring later in life.

We use special adjustments for children. Our techniques are modified to fit the size of the child’s spine. Newborns and infants are adjusted with little pressure for the best chiropractic care. We believe its important to correct any problems your child may have so that they can live a healthy life. If you are ready to start your child's chiropractic care call us at 519-752-8100 today!